Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tucker visits Carmen

The hospital has a resident dog on staff named Tucker.   Up until today Tucker was only a little stuffed animal that a volunteer staff brought Carmen.   But....today the famous Tucker visited Carmen and brought a huge smile to her face.  He hopped right up onto Carmen's bed and made himself at home.

Laughter is the best therapy there is.


 Hello Tucker

Making himself at home


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  1. Hello all,
    Just read about your news on Carmen via Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook. Am so sorry to hear the news. Though we haven't been in touch for awhile, I've been keeping up with your whereabouts and the lovely, beautiful pictures of your family. I remember Carmen when she was just a baby... She was such a strong special child then and I am sure she is now. I know that she will have the strength to get through this. We are sending lots of healthy Whistler wishes your way. Wishing your princess and quick and easy recovery.... Lots of love Sonya, Harvey, Kai and Hana
    Lots of love,
    Sonya, Harvey, Kai and Hana