Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Friday, June 3, 2011


Today Carmen received a new chemotherapy drug called Asparaginase, which has a host of side effects from mild to severe.  The drug is an enzyme that blocks protein production in cancer cells preventing them from reproducing. 

The Dexamethasone continued today which is a hormone to kill lymphocytes.

So far, Carmen has responded well to the Asparaginase,  other than being tired all day.   Unfortunately, too tired to take in Friday movie night at the hospital.

They are watching Carmen's red and white cell levels extremely closely.   If her red level dips much lower they may have to give her some blood.

Everything is a delicate balance.  The Chemotherapy drugs are intending to kill all of the Leukemia cells but they can not differentiate between sick and healthy cells.  Therefore, the drugs reduce her cell levels to almost 0 so that her body can start producing healthy cells.  However, dropping the cell level is also a dangerous tactic that can be harmful to Carmen.

One of our new best friends, Jacquie took time away from her family to visit with Carmen on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to provide her with beautiful sessions of healing touch.  We are simply amazed at what this has done for Carmen.  As soon as Jacquie enters the room, Carmen lights up and welcomes her openly.  Jacquie and Carmen will play make believe and talk about things that happened during the day.  When Carmen is ready, she melts in Jacquie's arms to receive the healing energy putting her completely at peace.

We are getting Carmen out of her bed as often as her energy will allow.  Sometimes we will move to our "living room" and sit by the window on Carmen's day bed, complete with her Hawaiian sheets from home, pink pillow and snacks.  Other times we can ride around the corridors in a race car chair terrorizing the nursing students.  When Carmen was awake today we saw lots of smiles and heard her funny little noises...music to our ears!

The hospital let's all the children use DVD players and IPads chock full of tons of children's games and story books.  It is simply amazing how technology has not only kept Carmen entertained but also connected us to our ohana.

We are hoping for some great news tomorrow.  If Carmen continues to respond well to the Asparaginase and the cell counts rise, the doctors may discharge us.

Then we will move our little home away from home at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki.

Grandma, Grandpa and Trevor are planning on heading over to Oahu on Monday to visit with Carmen and reunite Team White for a brief time.

With warmest Aloha,

Team White

We are gathering all the balloons together and flying to the hotel tomorrow.


  1. Lots of love for Carmen and Team White!! Can't wait to hear the good news when she is discharged and relaxing at the Royal Hawaiian. xo Bridget and Ohana

  2. I am so happy to hear that Grandma and Pa are coming over with Trevor. You must miss him so much, and he will be so happy to see his Mommy and Daddy and big sister. I can imagine how big his eyes will be when he sees all the balloons and books, and neat medical things in Carmen's room. So happy to hear that Carmen is doing well on her drugs, albeit a little fatigued. Hoping that she will be well enough to go over to the hotel soon. Thank you so much for the photos and updates, we would go crazy not knowing what was going on. Tell your new friend Jacquie how much Carmen's family appreciates her healing touch and love she is giving to her. We will continue to think positive thoughts and wishes for Carmen everyday, I love my beautiful sweet little niece so much, I wish I too could hold her in my arms. All my love, Auntie Deb