Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kauai Ohana - Celebration of Carmen's Life

To Our Kauai Ohana
We would be honored to have you with us as we celebrate Carmen Leolani White.

Wednesday October 24th
St. Regis Princeville Resort
"Secret Cove"

Carmen's first time swimming in the ocean was off the beach of St. Regis Princeville.  From those moments on, Carmen always felt most comfortable in the water.  

During our families time on Kauai, the beach of the St. Regis was a special spot to share a quiet sunset or a dip in the ocean after a busy day.   St. Regis Princeville brought tremendous joy to Carmen and it is only fitting that the "Tough Little Princess" is celebrated at "daddy's hotel".

As Carmen loved the color Pink, please feel free to wear pink or show pink in some way.

"Secret Cove" is to your far right as you face the ocean.  Please join us at 4:45pm.  

Following the celebration, we will gather in the Hanalei Suite (8th floor, off lobby) for light pupu's and refreshments to continue to share memories and toast Carmen's beautiful life.

Love Heather, Chris and Trevor White

Monday, October 15, 2012

Carmen's Makana (Gift)

Heather and I would like to thank everyone for your words of support and encouragement through Facebook, phone and text.   This is such an incredibly painful time for our family but we wanted you all to know that we are hearing and feeling your kind words.   Please know that Heather, Trevor and myself are surrounded by a strong group of friends and family helping us during this time.

Many of you are asking Heather and I what you can do for our family during this time.

I would like to share a story with all of you that has inspired us to express how we would like to honor our sweet baby Carmen.

Since Carmen's diagnosis, in May 2011, our family has been incredibly blessed with overwhelming support and generosity.  This support not only helped Carmen to receive the best treatment possible, it also helped to provide her with little moments of joy and delight. 

One of these acts of generosity came to our family from a person who we knew was not able to comfortably provide a gift.  Despite our best attempts to return the gift, she would not listen and said that if her support was able to make Carmen smile it was well worth it.

We cautiously accepted the gift but knew there was another purpose.

During one of Carmen's many visits to the PAU clinic to receive treatment, Heather became involved in a conversation with two Grandparents, Christine and Ben, who were the devoted primary caregivers for a young boy, named Jaeden, also fighting Leukemia.   It was clear to Heather, that Christine and Ben did not have the same level of support that we had, yet were doing everything they could to educate themselves on ways to best treat Jaeden, as well as, provide him with the best life possible.

Without hesitation, Heather sent a $300 gift to Christine and Ben with a beautiful note of encouragement.

Several months went by, when Heather received a call from Christine thanking her for the gift.  With all the mail and medical records that compile Christine was not aware that Heathers card included the gift.   Christine was searching through her files and looking over her finances trying to find ways to meet their most recent round of co-payments for Jaeden's treatment when the check from Heather fell from the card.

Our vision is to set up a small fund that we can use to provide caring, devoted families of children fighting leukemia with a makana (gift) from Carmen when they need it most.

We will lean on the incredible medical team of the Kapiolani Hospital PAU clinic to let Heather and I know when they see a family that meets this description.

Once these families become known to us we will reach out to them personally to share Carmen Leolani White's incredible journey, while providing them with a small Gift (Makana).

Our only stipulation will be that the family must strive to live, laugh and love just like Carmen did everyday of her life.

Heather and I will be focused on bringing "Carmen's Makana" to a reality.  

Everyone reading this, has already provided us with so much love, support and generosity that you should not feel that you have to do anything.   We are only sharing our vision with you because some of you are asking.

The "Paypal" feature in the blog is still active and the easiest way to participate in Carmen's Makana.   Or....send to us at our home address.  73-4686 Hina Lani Street, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

"Carmen's Makana", will perpetuate Carmen's courage for as long as we possibly can.

Love Team White

Carmen's Makana

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Carmen Leolani White - "Voice from Heaven"

"voice from heaven"

As many of you know Carmen was born in Vancouver,  Canada.  When we chose Carmen's middle name it was to give her a piece of the beautiful island of Kauai where Heather and I met.   Never did we think this name would be so beautiful as it is today.  

Carmen baby....we hear your beautiful voice.

We are celebrating Carmen's life on Monday October 15th at Kumukea Beach
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

For our friends on Oahu and Kauai, we will be visiting your beautiful islands in the next two weeks to a month to continue Carmen's celebration of life.  We will let you all know the dates in the next few days.