Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Friday, April 1, 2016

Carmen IS!

 Beautiful Carmen on her 4th birthday - April 1, 2011

As I was kissing Jake goodnight this evening I told him Auntie Kristal (who arrived today with Uncle Erich) is my sister.  He responded very matter of fact, "Carmen is MY sister!"

Jake gets it, Trevor intuitively understands it.

Carmen IS...not was.

People will often ask me what her name...was.  I make sure they know her name IS Carmen.

Carmen IS our daughter.
She IS the first born of our three inspiring children.
Carmen IS a big sister.  She paved the way for Trevor and Jake and turned Chris and I into parents!
She IS a neice, cousin and granddaughter.

Our family talks about Carmen every single day.  We love each other and Carmen more than ever before. 

Trevor and Jake know Carmen is with them guiding and watching out for them all the time.

When we were enjoying watching the hummingbird babies we all thought of Carmen and how she was right here with us enjoying as well.

Trevor and I were playing baseball while Jake napped yesterday and a bird flew really close to us.  We both very matter of fact said, "hi Carmen!"

This is because Carmen IS....not was.

I see her everyday all around me.  There are so many beautiful reminders of our sweet fairy girl.

For all of those reminders, I am so grateful.

Happy 9th Birthday sweet Carmen Leolani!  Our LOVE for you has never been so great.  We can never begin to express how grateful we are for the incredible gifts you have given us in this life.  We will toast to you, eat a princess cake and play with pink balloons!

Carmen and Neva Bo July 2011

Carmen April 2011

Carmen and Trevor November 2011