Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Next Phase


We have been busy settling into our new home and life in Kona.

Finding new beaches and fun places to go.

Carmen and Trevor have been doing great with their swimming lessons and gymnastics.

It has been amazing to have Auntie Debbie visiting the last three weeks.

Heather and Carmen are in Oahu today and tomorrow for Carmen's treatment and to begin the next phase of Carmen's journey.

It is hard to believe how far our tough little princess has come since May 26th.  The first 7 months of Carmen's Chemotherapy treatment are over.   As I have mentioned before, this period is considered the most crucial part of Carmen journey and she has come through it brilliantly.

Below is a quick snap shot of Carmen's journey over the last 7 months.
  • 11 days in the hospital
  • 31 days at the PAU
  • 20 round trip flights 
  • 11 sedations and Lumbar Punctures 
  • 89 total days of chemo-oral, IV, IT 
The next phase is called the Maintenance Phase which will continue for the next two years.  Carmen will go to the PAU every four weeks for a total of 19 more trips to Oahu and PAU visits.  She will still have Lumbar Punctures every 12 weeks with Chemo.

She will also be on three oral Chemotherapy drugs to take at home;
  • Decadron (steriod) 5 day per month 
  • Mercaptopurine 1 pill every day of Maintenance 
  • Methotrexate 11 pills at once every 8 days

In so many ways we feel fortunate and blessed that Carmen has come through the first 7 months so well, however we are nervous with what the next phase will bring for our little princess.

We know she will continue to fight the fight with the love and support of her family and friends.

Love Team White

Below are a few recent images to bring you up to speed;
Hoping you get better soon Auntie Kristal

Hula Girl

Auntie Deb and the kiddos

Playing with friends at Kukio

Having fun at a new beach

 Surfing Lizard

Tea Party

Little Man

Having Fun!

 Playing in the backyard on the Big Island
Roxy girl