Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th


Carmen had another great day today, showing her Daddy all around the playroom.  We made puzzle puppets and heart shaped wands with lots of pink glitter.  I believe the playroom is ordering a big supply of everything pink.

One of the fun things they do at the hospital is let the children collect beads to make a bracelet or necklace.  Each individual bead has a special meaning and the children collect a new bead each day.

Today was Carmen's turn to start her bead collection.   She started by spelling her name, followed by her courage bead, then a bead for each day in the hospital, a bead for flying in the medical plane, a bunch of beads for the numerous pokes that little Carmen has had plus a bumpy bead to represent the bumpy road ahead.

Daddy arrived today at 9:30am and Carmen perked right up eager to show off her new room.  Mommy quickly used sheets from home, pillow cases and special toys to make the room seem as "homey" as possible.

Dr. Des spent over 90 minutes with us today explaining in detail what the chemotherapy treatment will entail.  The amount of information is overwhelming and terrifying.  The length of the induction phase will be 36 days, with treatments every day except 5.  Each treatment with a benefit and risk, counter acted by another treatment with a benefit and risk.  The doctors refer to the treatment as "Protocol", as they will be following the latest and most advance protocols for treatment available in the world.   All that can be said at this time is Carmen will be in for a challenging time. 

Our new dear friends Alvin and Wendy Wong visited us again today bringing Carmen yummy, "plain" whole wheat pasta and one of her favorite movies.  Thanks to the Wong's;  Carmen snacked all day on grapes, almonds and raisins.  Carmen has still not acquired a taste for the hospital food but who can blame her.

Cee Cee, one of the Mom's from Carmen's school, was kind enough to ask her best friend from Oahu, Jackie to visit Carmen today.  Jackie specializes in healing light energy touch and blessed Carmen today with a session in which Carmen melted into her arms and received all the positive energy.

Carmen took her first shower today ever.  Such a big girl.  She sat in a nice shower chair and enjoyed the nice warm water.

The day is winding down, with Carmen receiving her first anti nausea drug in preparation for the beginning of her chemotherapy at 9:00am.

Tomorrow is a big day.  

We need everyone to send as much positive energy and prayers towards sweet, beautiful Carmen.


Team White



  1. Dear Heather and Chris,

    I'm so sorry to hear the news about Carmen's health. My heart aches for you all. It will be a tough road, but having faith in God will make all the difference. My nephew was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with Plueropulmonary Blastoma. I'm happy to say he is a healthy and thriving 11 year old! If you need someone to talk to who's shared in the life of a child with cancer, I'm here for you. You're in my prayers.

  2. We will definitely be praying for Carmen tomorrow! We'll be praying specifically that Carmen responds to the treatment (both physically and emotionally) as well as is possible and that as her parents you can find your strength in knowing that she is in God's loving hands through this difficult time.

  3. Hi Heather I will keep Carmen in my thoughts and prayers. I used to work with your sister and found this through her. HUGS

    In our house we call plain pasta "nekkie pasta" my sons very favorite kind. :D


  4. Chris, Heather, Carmen, and Trevor...lots, lots, LOTS of love and prayers. Amazing family with soo many friends and family, and yes, prayer. Chris, please, anything you need...a phone call away...I will pick up car seat tommrow. Buzz when you are ready. God Bless and keep you all...Me Ke Aloha..Lisa