Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What We Know


Up until yesterday the number one priority with Carmen was to rid her body of the infection that had developed in her blood.  Treatment for Carmen's Leukemia could not begin until the infection was gone.

As of yesterday her care givers felt that she was out of danger from the infection.

I shared the pictures of her up and moving around because that was the first time Carmen had been out of bed since last week.  It was devastating for Heather and I to receive the news we did last Thursday but it was compounded by seeing our energetic baby girl so sick from the infection.

Because so much effort was being place on the infection, the Doctors have not spent much time discussing Carmen's upcoming treatment to cure her Leukemia.

What we know;
  • Carmen's treatment will begin Tuesday
  • It will be an intense 30 to 45 day period of treatment called the "induction" phase.
  • During this time Mom will be with Carmen in Oahu and Dad will be there as much as possible, coming back to Kauai for a few days for Trevor.
  • After Tuesday we will have a much better understanding of what the treatment entails.
  • We will also have a better understanding of what our family will need as far as support and help from all of you who have so generously offered.  Our apologies that we have not been clear with all you with what support we need but quite honestly we do not know yet.   One of the important things to remember is that Carmen's journey to full recovery may take three years and we will need you all.

Grandpa and Grandma White have arrived to Kauai to look after Trevor, allowing Chris to head back to Oahu on Monday to be with Heather and Carmen.

I know many of you have the same questions we do about Carmen's Leukemia.  I have found that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society web page is one of the best for providing current information, void from emotion and speculation that is also on the internet.

There are informational resources available for download & printing at the link below.  

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Download the booklets titled:  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia  and  The ALL Guide: for patients and caregivers

When you are researching; keep in mind that Carmen has "ALL" and not the other forms of Leukemia that you may read about.

Much love to all

Team White

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