Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friends of Carmen White

Aloha to our Family and Friends,

All of your support, love, prayers and offers of help have been been extremely generous and overwhelming.  We are truly humbled by everyone's care and concern for our family.

As we learn more every day, it has become evident that Carmen's journey towards full recovery will span the next 3 years.  The induction phase remains at 30 to 40 days of intense chemotherapy treatments, followed by 5 months of weekly treatments in Oahu.  The next two and a half years will be less frequent depending on Carmen's response to treatment.   All of Carmen's treatment will take place at the Kapi'olani Hospital for Women and Children in Honolulu.   

Today we met with our Social Worker to discuss our situation and to receive recommendations to effectively manage what is going happen over the next three years.  He has recommended that we open a bank account in Carmen's name to help her on the journey to full recovery.  Learning all of this information has become a full time job.

Obviously, this was something that was tough to hear but I took the social workers advice and went to the bank this morning.

Upon sitting down with Heidi, I quickly realized that I was doing much more than opening a bank account.  Heidi told me that she understood what our family was going through and proceeded to tell me that she lost her 5 year old son to ALL in 1969 and her 11 year old grand daughter was in remission from ALL.   Heidi also put things into perspective, letting me know how lucky we are that we caught Carmen's Leukemia early.  I expressed to Heidi that I was hesitant to open this account and she quickly reminded me of how long Carmen's journey will be and the support that will be necessary.   When I was finalizing the paper work, I noticed that the balance was already $100.  I thought that this was a mistake or something the bank did in these circumstances.   When I looked up at Heidi, she just smiled and said;  "this is a gift from my family to yours.  God bless you."   After we both started crying and hugged I left the bank realizing that I just made a life long connection with a person who had been a stranger 20 minutes earlier.

Our health insurance is excellent and will provide Carmen with the best possible care but we are already seeing the numerous expenses adding up associated with the travel, co-pays, and other remote living expenses necessary to ensure Carmen continues to receive the best care possible. 

Another piece of advice we have received from the Lance Armstrong Foundation is; "We can not let the Cancer control us.  We need to Live Strong".   Carmen needs to beat this Leukemia and get back to living her normal life as soon as possible.   The sooner Carmen goes back to school, hits the beach and starts playing with her brother Trevor the better.

Any help you can provide to Team White during the journey towards full recovery will be so greatly appreciated and put to the best use, Carmen!

Much Love to Our Ohana,

Team White

Wire/Deposit Information
Bank of Hawaii - Waikiki Branch
2155 Kalakaua Ave, #104, Honolulu, HI 96815
Routing Number: 121301028
Swift Code: BOHIUS77
Account Number: 0008 108307
Beneficiary: Friends of Carmen White
Bank Contact: Heidi Emery 808.694.6926

This tax free account has been set up so that your receipt, check or deposit slip will be accepted as proof for a tax deduction under "Friends of Carmen White"

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