Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Sunday, August 11, 2013


My sweet joyful Carmen Leolani...I miss you.  

We all miss you so much.  

Our shift in perspective takes time and effort - if one is willing to work on gaining it.  

One of the shifts for me is thinking of your life as not cut short for you but rather a full magnificent life lived.  5 1/2 years seems so short to those of us left behind.  It was 5 1/2 years of the most beautiful time daddy and I ever imagined living.  Trevor was blessed with his entire life with you and your joy filled heart.

I know in my heart you lived a full, amazing and happy 5 1/2 years.

So - with losing you, we learn difficult lessons about the impermanence of EVERYTHING, including our bodies. 

I know we are not just a body, but so much more.  I know your essence - your spirit is so much more. 

The truth is we are the ones left behind for now - meant to learn, shift, gain. 

Gain what?  Perspective.  

You, Carmen are not in a better place but in THE better place. 

We will work hard living well, loving more and having fun here on planet earth...while gaining more perspective.  

And...we will see you in no time.  

Save a California Girls and Firework dance for us!

By the way, I feel you and see you in so many things.  
Love, Mommy

Our soccer girl this time last year.

 Smiling Princess!

 Beautiful hug

I just lost my tooth!

Having dinner with Grandma Sandy last September

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