Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rhinoceros Horns

Carmen had such a huge surprise today when she returned from the hospital.  The magic pink hotel fairies decorated Carmen's bed with beautiful princess things bringing a huge smile to her face.  There was a crown, pink boa, wands, princess checkers, paper, wings, tutu, fluffy pens and special pink ballet shoes.  Thank you hotel fairies.

Carmen slipped the shoes immediately and wanted to show her Grandma and Mom a "few steps".

Jacquie visited Carmen again today for healing touch.  Along with her healing touch, Jacquie and Carmen have developed a terrific bond, playing and having fun during their visits.

Our friend Laura Phillipson came by the hotel today and joined us while we he had dinner.   Trevor put on another show and had the whole restaurant following his every move.

Something else that I have been remiss in mentioning is another funny thing that Carmen has been saying.   One of the medicines that we have to give Carmen does not taste very good.   We try to wash it down with water but it still tastes bad.   When we asked Carmen what it tastes like, she looked her Mommy right in the eye and screamed, "It tastes like Rhinoceros Horns".  Now that medicine is affectionately referred to the Rhinoceros Horn medicine.

Princess Bed

Huge smile

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