Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Thursday, June 9, 2011


All of the support, well wishes and prayers for Carmen has simply been overwhelming to our family.   I can assure all of you that Carmen is hearing and feeling all of the positive energy you are sending her way. 

Heather, Trevor and myself are taking our energy from Carmen's courage and Team White is standing strong. 

Carmen continues to have good days and so far the side effects to the chemotherapy have been kept to a minimum with the exception of being tired way too often for a little 4 year old and a ravenous appetite at 3:00am for rice crackers and rosemary artesian bread. 

Although these are good days, there are many warnings from the Oncology Doctors that we need to prepare ourselves for the not so good days.   We are living by a "one day at a time" philosophy right now and will deal with any type of day that is thrown our way.

There is so much Heather and I need to say to everyone.  Words simply can not accomplish what we need to say to thank all of you.  Please know that we appreciate everything you have done and will do for our family from the bottom of our hearts.  We are on a journey that will be so much easier to take knowing we have you behind us.


Team White 

Below is a race badge worn by Carrie Lee, friend of Carmen's 
 Aunt Carri McClure, during the San Diego Rock n Roll half marathon.   
Thank you Carrie Lee.

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