Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PAU (Pediatric Ambulatory Unit)

Yesterday was the first day we have missed a blog post since all of this began.  It was an exciting day adjusting to living in the hotel and welcoming Grandma, Grandpa and Trevor.

It was so great for everyone to get Team White back together but especially for Carmen and Trevor.  It was so sweet to see them both  light up when they saw each other.

Grandma and Grandpa White have had their work cut out for them keeping up with Trevor over the past week.  We are all together until Thursday when Trevor returns

Today marked Carmen's first out patient visit to the Pediatric Ambulatory Unit (PAU) to receive her chemotherapy treatments, which included another lumbar puncture, blood work, a series of other drugs and the changing of her Piddycone dressing.

I am typing this post in the waiting room as the nurses monitor Carmen's response to the treatment.  Carmen's blood work just came back and I am happy to report that her ANC levels are now 639, up from 512 on Sunday.  Her hemoglobin levels are now 12.6 up from 10.6 on Sunday. 

These are all positive numbers, meaning that the chemotherapy is working and her body is responding well to everything.  The Doctors are extremely encouraged with all the lab results.

So far, she continues to handle the treatments like the Warrior Princess that she is.

A few pictures of the day.

Grandpa and Grandma

Trevor Putting on a Show


  1. Fantastic news! I am so thrilled for Carmen, she's kicking some butt!

    Am so happpppy you have Trevor with you, at least for a few days, (and Grandma and Grandpa get a little break)

    All my love auntie deb

  2. What great news! Way to go Carmen!
    We are so glad that she is responding so well to her treatments!

    All the best,
    Hobey and the King Family

  3. Praise God that she is doing so well! What an answer to prayer! Thanks for keeping us updated!