Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Monday, May 26, 2014

Travel Approval Arrived!!!!!! Jake Here we Come!!!

Our Travel Approval arrived on Friday.   This is one of the last steps we were waiting for.

With the official Travel Approval we can now receive our appointment at the US Embassy in China to secure Jake's immigration approval to come home with us.

Once the appointment is established on Tuesday, everything backs up from there and we get our travel dates.

Our agency is diligently working on this appointment and establishing our travel itinerary.

At this point….we are expecting to be leaving for China around June 17-19 - but we do not have the official date yet.

So Exciting.   We will see you soon Jake!!!!

The Shanghai Healing Home, where Jake is currently, sent us the most beautiful picture book.  Below are images of Trevor seeing the book for the first time.  He is very excited to be a big brother.  Thank you SO MUCH Birgit and Charlene for keeping us connected with baby Jake!!

This is an incredible photo of Jake looking at our photo!!


  1. So excited for you guys!!!!! Safe travels and lots of hugs

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