Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Lava Kid

The day before the Lava Man Triathlon there was a fun event - Lava Kids to get the whole family involved.

Trevor has been taking swimming lessons but he needed to be 7 before he could complete in the swim portion of the Lava Kids.    He was only supposed to run the 1km run.

When we showed up in the morning for race, we were excited to see that Trevor's swim instructor was in charge of the swim portion of the race and she cleared him for the open ocean swim.   Yikes!!!

Not too bad at 5. Open water ocean swim and run!!!

Such a brave little guy!!  So proud of him.

Our brave little guy.   And....brave Mommy as her little baby embarks on his first open water swim.

Post Race Massage...seriously!


Sophia, friend from school

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