Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer 2012


Wow....keeping up with this blog is proving to be harder than we had thought.   Facebook is so much easier to provide quick updates but we still want to try to keep the blog updated.

It has been a busy first summer in our new home.

We are still getting used to everything on Hawaii Island.  Finding the perfect beaches, getting the kids involved in Karate, Soccer, Ballet and swimming.

This summer also marked the beginning of Kindergarten for Carmen and pre-school for Trevor.   We are extremely happy with both schools.

Carmen's treatment continues to go well.  She has exactly 11 months left of her maintenance Chemotherapy!  This will continue to include monthly trips to Oahu for checks and Port-o-Cath flushes.  She will continue to have Sedation, Lumbar Punctures with Chemotherapy in her cerebral spinal fluid and steroid treatments every 90 days.  Her Port is not working properly right now.  It will flush but will not give any "return."  This will make for much longer days at the PAU when she receives her LP's.  They will need to do a "line study" to see where the port line is to make sure they can put medication into it.  This is done via X-Ray.  The other options are to hope it suddenly un-clots, replace it with a new one (surgery) or have her accessed with a needle in the arm vein every few months.  Unfortunately, the x-ray option seems the best solution right now.

It is hard to believe that Carmen only has to endure 4 more periods of the steroid.   Four too many for all of us but at least there is a BRIGHT light at the end of the tunnel.   All we can do now is pray that Carmen continues to stay healthy and keep up her fight so that she can maintain her protocol treatment so she may finish on time.

Trevor had his 4th birthday on July 1st.  We really wanted to make this year special for Trevor because he did not have much of a 3rd birthday.  Heather and I returned from our 30 days in Oahu with Carmen last year on June 28th, which unfortunately impacted anything we could do to celebrate T-bones big day.   We made up for it this year!!  Team White flew back to Kauai at the end of June for a 10 day vacation.  It was amazing to reunite with special friends and throw Trevor a proper birthday party with all of his buds.

Love Team White

We will have SOCCER images up next time!  Her first game is August 25th!

Below are a few images of the moment,

Carmen catching her first wave in Hanalei Bay

Carmen and Ms. Roxy

The ever smiling and joyous King Trevor

A beautiful, by special request,  Pearl Necklace

 Carmen getting acquainted with her new Kindergarten class

Our heart breaking with joy and sadness.   Our TLP is such a trooper.   Marching off to Kindergarten.

School doesn't know what they are in for

The glorious bounty of Kauai.  Yummy mountain apples

Back in Hanalei.

Learning Hula

The amazing Na Aina Kai Gardens.   Location for Trevor's 4th Birthday

Back with the Kauai Gang

Oh My.   How jealous am I?  I would have LOVED to have a Darth Vadar helmet like this when I was a kid.   

Darth and Leah

The Fisherman

Yes, he got his DREAM CAKE!

Carmen and Trevor at their Dojo, learning the ways of the force

Focus my eyes, Focus my mind, Focus your body.....SIR!!!!!

We took part in Relay for Life, Kona 2012.

Wow!!!  What a difference a year makes.

We love you all.

Team White

P.S.  We have had Grandma and Grandpa White visit and Auntie Kristal and Uncle Erich this year so far.  Grandma Sandy is coming in a couple of weeks!

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