Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th....A Celebration

Aloha everyone,

It is hard to believe a year has passed since Carmen's diagnosis and the first blog post.

It would be extremely easy to think about May 26th as a day we would rather forget.   Or a time to think about all the things Carmen had to go through this past year.  But we are choosing to look at May 26th differently and we hope you will too.

Yesterday, Heather and I had a chance to spend some time together, sans kiddo's, to reflect on the incredible year.  We spent the day kayaking across a beautiful Hawaiian Bay, swimming with Dolphins and snorkeling at the Captain Cook monument.  At one point, 12 Dolphins came so close to our Kayak that Heather could reach out and touch them.  Almost as if they were coming to say hello.   Seeing all that life and the beauty of our surroundings it became extremely clear to us both that May 26th is a day of celebration.   It is a day to celebrate life.  A day to Celebrate our family and a day to celebrate us.

The pure fact of the mater is we are extremely blessed with amazing love and support from our friends and family and we realize how lucky we are. 

We originally started this blog to be able to mass communicate to our family and friends during that first month when it simply was not possible to reach out to you individually.  For me, it also became a place to tell a story about Team White.

Telling the story of our entire family was very important to us because until you go through something like this it is tough to understand that when your child is sick your entire family is sick.  This is something that we are doing together every step of the way.

Trevor has been incredibly strong during this past year, enduring the craziness right along side his sister.  In many ways, Trevor has been the glue that has kept us together.  The things he says to express his love for his sister and the way he brings humor to a sad situation is well beyond his years. 
We will continue to do our best to keep you all updated through this blog and Facebook.

Happy May 26th!!!

We love all of you.

Team White

Images of the Moment

Carmen and Tucker

Carmen during her last trip to Oahu showing off her new bathing suit.  We do our best to make sure her trips to Oahu are full of fun and special moments so the last thing on her mind is the trip to the PAU Clinic

Snorkeling!!!!  Carmen and Trevor have become great swimmers.

Carmen and Trevor in their Dojo.   So cute.  
"Focus your eye's.  Focus your mind.  Focus your Body.  Sir"

Making and Eating Cupcakes

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  1. Thank you for sharing these precious moments of life!