Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Remembering Trevor's hair....

Children's cancer patients are given the oppurtunity to create these beautiful
"Beads of Courage"
These beads are all gorgeous, unique, glass, ceramic, wood and terracotta beads.
They range from a bead every time she is poked with a needle to a bead when she got medivacd to Oahu, to a bead when she gets a pint of blood.
She has over 100 beads now...it is a beautiful way to show her story.

Santa gave this dollhouse Christmas of 2009.  We almost sold it because she was not really playing with it until she came back from the hospital in June.  Carmen created all of this in a couple of weeks.
It's so cool!

Down by the cool of the pool!

Carmen had her Chemotherapy appointment at the PAU on Monday and was swimming today!  She inspires us everyday and is giving us so much hope.  It's sometimes easy to forget she has Leukemia because she is just being her sweet, innocent 4 year old self everyday...

It's a BEAUTIFUL thing.

My Aunt Debbie is visiting here from Belmont and my mom is coming from Portland this week.  It's great to have daily swims at our visiting families pools!  And great to have extra hands to help!

Happy Birthday Uncle Erich!!  We miss you!

With Love and Aloha,

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