Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Day of School

If someone would have told Heather and myself that we would be taking Carmen and Trevor to their first day of pre-school two months after Carmen's diagnosis, we would have never believed them.

But.....there we were.....on Wednesday August 3rd driving Trevor and his big sister Carmen to school for their first day at Waikoko Kids.

Carmen took Trevor by the hand as they got out of the car and said, 'Come on Trev, I'll show you around"!!!

Carmen had another great week.  Her blood results came back with an ANC of 3045, allowing her to start round three of her treatments.

Mommy and Carmen left for Kapilani Hospital on Friday morning for Carmen's chemotherapy treatment.  It was a new dosage and treatment for Carmen which required an extra over night in Oahu to ensure everything was fine.  They are returning to Kauai on Sunday.

Auntie Kristal and Uncle Erich departed back to Portland on Wednesday after a terrific visit - but - always too short.  Uncle Lance stayed a few extra days, so Trevor got to hang out with the guys on Friday and Saturday.

Below are a few pictures of the week.

Back at the wonderful Waikoko Kids

Auntie Kristal on the first day back to school

Tucker and Carmen getting reacquainted on Friday

A little Seaweed snack on the flight to Oahu

Little T building a fort out of Palms

Chris and Lance taking a Kayak trip

Breakfast Time in Waikiki

Breakfast Time in Kauai

I am sooooooo going to get slapped for posting this picture!!!!  Shave Ice after last weeks Catamaran Trip down the Napali Coast.

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