Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Waikaloa Lavaman 2014 - Team Carmen - We Swam, We Biked, We Ran

Wow.....what a journey

Our first Team Carmen meeting was early September 2013 and from there we embarked on an amazing journey of planning, coordinating, networking, T-Shirt designing, printing, invitation design, organizing, auctions, emotional roller coasters, fundraising and training all focused on the completion of the Waikaloa Lavaman Triathlon on March 30th.

Team Carmen 2014 raised at total of $53,000

combined with Team Carmen's 2013 result of $33,000

For a combined two year total of $86,000 for Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Below is the message that Heather and I provided to LLS that they displayed at the TNT Inspiration dinner on Saturday before the race.  It sums up everything we stand for;

 Team Carmen races in honor of our beautiful child, Carmen Leolani White who passed at 5 years of age, on October 9, 2012.

After Carmen was diagnosed with Leukemia on May 26, 2011, she never let it get her down.  She fought with a vengeance and the courage of a warrior, earning the nick name - Tough Little Princess.

When not fighting through her chemo therapy treatments Carmen loved every moment of her life and lived more in her 5 years than most people will live in a life time.

There is a quote by Joseph Campbell that inspires Team Carmen;

"The sin of inadvertness, not being awake, is the sin of missing the moments of life.  Live with unremitting alertness"

This is how Carmen lived and why Team Carmen races for Team In Training.  It takes determination, focus and courage to complete a triathlon but it takes love to come together as a team for a cause like Team in Training to raise funds so that other children like Carmen do not have to receive their angel wings so soon.

Mahalo for all of your support.

Love and Light

Carmen's Mommy and Daddy and all of Team Carmen.

Such an amazing an inspiring day.   The pictures say it all......

Team in Training - the full San Diego and Hawaii teams.   (Team Hawaii is Team Carmen)

 Team Carmen (minus Darren Miller who was signing autographs)

 The lovely Bettina and Heather

 All smiles before the start

 Michelle - aka - "Super Woman" getting her game face on

 LJ coming out of the water with an unbelievable time of 27 minutes.  

 Coming out of the of the water in not such an unbelievable time.  

Chris coming into the Bike transition

 Kevin and Wendy at the finish.   Kevin posted the best time on Team Carmen - 2:28 - not that anyone was counting. 

 Trevor is such a hero.  Dragging his old Dad across the finish line.

 Almost there Darren

 Mommy did not need any help

 Shea, Heather, Chris and T-Bone

 Team Riedel and Shea

Raising Money to cure Cancer and the Best Post Race Beer Garden in the World.  Cheers!!!

nice photo bomb Trevor!!!!!

 The amazing Brother and Sister Riedel Team.

 "but...but....but......I just finished a Triathlon.  Okay...you're right.....it's my turn to feed the baby."

 Florian and Chris getting ready.  Actually....we are realizing we are in the wrong spot and need to be where Florian is looking.

 Heather entering the bike transition

Thank you all for your support of Team Carmen

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