Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Love, Joy and Happiness".......A humble request.

This blog has been a wonderful place to document Carmen Leolani's journey through her Leukemia fight.  We feel so grateful to have so many people loving and supporting Carmen since May 2011.  Your love and generosity toward our T.L.P. is truly beautiful.

As the blog progressed it took on a different life, growing into something more than a place to communicate the status of Carmen's fight.  It became a source of inspiration to many, showing how a little girl facing adversity can live with "Love, Joy and Happiness" every day of her life.

Now, we are embarking on a challenge to tell Carmen's story to a far wider audience and we need your help.   We believe in our soul that this is something Carmen needs us to accomplish.

At this point, we are not sure where this path will lead us.  We just know that we must attempt to continue telling Carmen's story to as many people who will listen.  

I believe you will all agree that now, more than ever, the world needs to embrace Carmen's passion for Love, Joy and Happiness.

All of you are part of the Team White Ohana.  Carmen loved to be surrounded by her friends and family more than anything.  All of you supported Carmen throughout her fight with your love and devotion.    You are part of Carmen's soul group and we want and need you to be part of this journey.

Please send us your words, thoughts and vision to define.....

"Love, Joy and Happiness"

What do these words mean to you? 

Your words can relate to Carmen but they do not have to.  They only need to be from your heart.

We would love to hear YOUR story of how you or your families life has been changed since learning of Carmen's diagnosis.  Are you living your life differently, thinking differently, believing differently?  We are certainly very different people than we were May 25, 2011.  We welcome any dreams with Carmen or experiences you have had where you felt she was "there with you" since her passing.

We want to hear any experience which you feel has been profound in your life.

Also, most of Carmen's friends are still at the age where they are open.  We would love to hear what your children are telling you about Carmen.  We hope you are encouraging this extremely healthy and expressive talk from them.  She is still with them, she is with all of us.

Our goal is to gather the words from the people who love Carmen the most to define what she believed from her first breath to her last.  

Send your words to;   chriswhite4@gmail.com - or - h.white@yahoo.com, or text us, facebook message, send a letter 73-4686 Hina Lani Street, Kailua Kona, Hawaii, 96740, or even sky write it!

Your stories can be anonymous if you like.

Please try your best to send us your words by January 30, 2013.

Mahalo Nui Loa for your help and Happy New Year!

Love Team White

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  1. Heather, thank you for sharing Carmen's story with me. It was really wonderful to meet you & Trevor at the beach yesterday. Trevor is such a sweetie and full of personality. I wish I'd met you earlier in my trip, but please stay in touch and look me up if you're in CA - briannayork@gmail.com
    I look forward to reading more about Carmen's story here on her blog.
    Much love,
    Brianna aka Trevor's cousin :-)

    P.S. If you'd like to know what I'm up to on this globe you can follow my blog: