Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A New Chapter Begins

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of a new chapter for Team White.   I leave for the Island of Hawaii to begin my new position with the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

Heather, Carmen and Trevor will remain on Kauai until December 1st.  I will be traveling back to Kauai at least three times before the full move.

The last three weeks have been an incredible blessing.  I have been off work, in transition, for the entire time.   This has also been a down period in Carmen's treatment.  We have been able to spend the last three weeks just having fun and enjoying this wonderful island of Kauai before we leave for the Island of Hawaii.

There have been a few going away parties to say farewell to our extended ohana here on Kauai.

We spent a night at the Grand Hyatt Resort, enjoying their amazing pools and Carmen was able to ride the "big girl" water slide.  

The highlight of the three weeks was spending two nights at this amazing place on Kauai called Waimea Plantation Cottages.   The entire resort is made up of several rustic seaside cottages that used to be homes for plantation workers for the Sugar Cane industry.  It was so quiet and peaceful, full of laughs and fun.

The first week hiatus in Carmen's treatment has been amazing.  She has completely bounced back to her old self.  Quick to laugh and full of endless energy.  Her numbers have all been terrific and Carmen is as strong as ever.  All of this is perfect timing to prepare Carmen for the beginning of her next phase of treatment on October 3rd called Delayed Intensification, which is expected to be difficult on Carmen.  The Doctors refer to this phase as a "re-shock" to Carmen's system to emulated the first 30 days of Chemotherapy.   The leukemia cells are smart and will adapt to the chemotherapy treatment, therefore the theory behind Delayed Intensification is to outsmart the Leukemia Cells and blast them into submission.  

It is unbelievably painful for Heather and I to see our little daughter back to her old self but knowing what is about to happen to her over the next 56 days.

So far, the Tough Little Princess has fought through this with courage and we are confident that she will do the same for this phase.

Of course it is painful knowing that I will not be here for Heather for the majority of this difficult phase but we are looking forward to welcome several visitors over the next few months.   Cousin Aly arrives on September 29th and staying to November 20th.  Julia and Scott arrive for their honeymoon on November 4th and we just got news that Uncle Chris and Aunt Judy arrive on November 13th and will be staying to December 10th.  

Tonight we were having a nice dinner before the trip to the airport tomorrow.  Carmen disappeared from the table and returned a few minutes later.  In the palm of her hand was a little Angel coin that her Auntie Debbie gave to Carmen to watch over her.  As the incredible giving and beautiful little girl that she is, Carmen opened her hand, looked up at me and said, "Daddy....here....take this angel.  She will watch over you when you are on the big island and I will always be around you".  Then she grabbed my cheeks and gave me a big kiss and hug, saying, "Daddy...good luck.....I love you".    Oh my.....not a dry eye in the house when she said it or now that I write this.

We feel so blessed and fortunate to have such incredible support from our loved ones.  Thank you to all.

Images and Videos

Daddy sunbeams!

Wow!  A photograph of mommy!

Go for it Trevor!!!!  Such a funny guy.

Our seaside cottage at the Waimea Plantation Cottage.

The Kiddo's at the Waimea "Candyland" - as they heard it.  

Seeing a natural wonder and sad there was no Candy.  "Where is Candyland"

Waimea Canyon, Kauai


So happy!

Having fun at Jo Jo's Shave Ice



Shave Ice at Jo Jo's

A Kauai institution

 Beach Dancing

Tossing it back

Daddy....I have a crabbie in my mask

Living the life of leisure

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