Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Saturday, July 30, 2011

California Dancing

Another great week for Team White.   Each day better than the last for sweet Carmen.

After three weeks of declining ANC levels, Carmen's results jumped back to an incredible 4009 ANC, up from 1820 last week.  All of this is happening at the most amazing time as the start of pre-school approaches on August 3rd.  Trevor will be joining Carmen this year to make up the brother and sister dynamo at Waikiko Kids.

Reflecting on the last two months it is staggering to even think of the progress Carmen has made.   The fact that we are even considering Carmen gong back to pre-school with her friends and the amazing environment of Waikiko Kids is incredible.

Auntie Kristal, Uncle Erich and Uncle Lance arrived this week.  It has been amazing having them here visiting and so great for Trevor and Carmen to spend time with family.  The days have been action packed and a lot of fun.  Yesterday the gang, minus the kiddos and Daddy, went on a catamaran trip down the Napali Coast.

Tonight, July 30th, is The Relay For Life in Hanalei.   Starting with the survivor & fighters lap at 5:30pm - which Carmen will proudly walk.   At 7pm the Luminaries will be lit, which are personally designed paper bags with candles, to line the track in support of the survivors and fighters.  We all painted our bags yesterday with our own special twist in support of Carmen.  The St. Regis has a team in the Relay and we will be spending the night making sure we have someone on the track from 6pm to 6am in support of the survivors and fighters of Cancer.

Below is an amazing video of Carmen dancing to her favorite song.  Plus a few images of the week.

May I have this dance.  California Girls "Represent"

An amazing creation by Trevor.  We are not 100% sure what it is but every line has a story

The Floating Family Kayak Circus

...and here we go.   All returned safe and dry.

Time for a little "exterior" decorating

Trevor's First "real" Hair Cut.  With the Surfer Dude "Swoop" with just the right amount of hair product

It's a Spa Life.  Mahalo Auntie Ash!!

Sister and Brother at work.  "The day's last creation"

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  1. So sweet! thank you for sharing these glimpses into your life. Carmen is on my mind and in my heart daily. Take care!