Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Window Art

Yesterday completed Carmen's third week of Chemotherapy.  As we have mentioned previously, Carmen will be having her out-patient chemotherapy treatments every Tuesday at Kapi'olani Hospital indefinitely.   As we approach 18 to 24 months, Carmen's weekly visits may become bi-weekly or once a month.   All of this is based on her progress.

The appointment yesterday was difficult for Carmen.  Though the nurses and doctors are amazing to Carmen and do their best to provide a soothing environment - she wanted no part of it.  Understandably, she has a lot of anxiety and fear of the hospital and anyone who even looks like they may want to stick a needle in her.   Fortunately or unfortunately...Carmen will get used to these visits.

She got weighed, got her piddycone dressing changed, had a blood draw, got her IV chemo med, and had her piddycone line flushed out with saline which she freaks out about because she can taste the salt.

Her CBC (complete blood count) results were;

                                                     "normal range"
WBC (white blood count)   1.2       (6.0-16.0)
RBC  (red blood count)       3.32     (3.5-5.5)
Hemoglobin                         9.7   (they transfuse at 8.0)
Hematocrit                          28.4     (33.0-39.0)

All pretty low.   This is part of the delicate balance that I have mentioned in earlier posts.  The chemotherapy drugs are killing Carmen's cancer cells and healthy cells.  As the cells die, her blood counts decrease.  The new, healthy cells multiply quickly to replace the dead cells. 

Her Platelatet are normal!!  219

Her ANC is 692 - these are the WBC's which are able to fight off infection.  Normal is 1500 to 8000.  Carmen is in the 500 to 1,500 range, which is considered the safe zone - with risk.  Basically, a place that we need to be ultra careful.   As a reminder, her ANC was 0 on May 25th so they are slowing climbing.  They were 639 last week.

Today was a fun day for Carmen.  After her pre-breakfast, breakfast and post-breakfast meal, she wanted to go back to the zoo.  Of course, not before her mid morning meal at Jamba Juice.  Mommy is happy to parade Carmen all over Waikiki, just so happy that she has the energy.  Carmen's need for naps are become less frequent and she is able to make it most of the day.

After several lunches and a mid afternoon snack, Carmen had a terrific visited from Jacquie.   It was time to break out the super cool - Window Crayons!!!  Who knew?   These crayons write on glass and wash off.  At least...we hope they wash off!

Below are a few images of the day.

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  1. Dear Carmen, Hi sweetie, I am looking at your window art and that looks like a lot of fun, what a great idea. I like your painting of the sun, brings warmth and rays of hope into your room. I'm sorry you didn't like your hospital visit on Tuesday, but you are a brave little girl and I know you are doing your best. I love you very much and miss you. Keep eating all that yummy Honolulu food, its good for you. Love Auntie Deb