Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Thursday, June 30, 2011

With Flying Colors

Once again our tough little princess went to battle yesterday and came out victorious.

Everything started on Monday night at 10:50pm when we had to start restricting Carmen's intake of food and beverage.  If you have been reading the last few blog posts you will know that our lives have been fairly focused on managing Carmen's ferocious appetite so you can imagine what sort of night it was.

We needed to be up early and to the hospital by 6:30am to get Carmen ready for her 8:30am procedure.

She was pretty scared with the pre-surgery commotion but was mainly pissed off that they only had blue socks to wear.  We seriously need to donate pink socks and gowns to this hospital.

While Carmen was sedated for her surgery the chief oncologist, Dr Kyono visited with Heather and I to explain the second phase of the procedure.  After the port-o-cath was in place, Dr. Kyono would be giving Carmen yet another spinal tap and take a bone marrow biopsy.  It is hard to believe that we are getting used to these phrases and treatments.

Dr. Kyono re-emphasized how important the first 29 days of treatment were for the successful cure of Leukemia.  If Carmen had experienced any complications during the induction or had to go back on antibiotics it could have disrupted the chemotherapy schedule creating unforeseen complications.  He told us that Carmen had come through the induction phase "With Flying Colors" and he expects nothing but positive results.

After surgery Carmen still had to spend time in the P.A.U. clinic to visit with the other oncology doctors and nurses.

Although Carmen's ANC level was a very positive 5,400, her Hemoglobin numbers were low prompting the need to give Carmen an unexpected blood transfusion.

In one day our baby received general anesthesia, surgery, port-a-cath insertion into her chest, a lumbar puncture, bone marrow biopsy, chemotherapy injection into her spinal fluid, a blood transfusion and her "piddycone" removed from her arm.  It is all too much to comprehend.

Jacquie was in the PAU while Carmen received her blood transfusion to do a wonderful healing and spend time with her buddy.  They have developed a very special relationship with each other, it is so wonderful to see.  Jacquie has three children of her own and has taken so much of her personal time as a busy mom to help Carmen.  We LOVE her!!

A day like yesterday is something that our family will need to get used to over the next 6 to 8 months.  The trips to the hospital will be unpredictable and stressful.    We started the day expecting an out-patient procedure taking 5 to 6 hours and ended the day after 12 to 13 hours forcing us to change our flights and not return home to Kauai until after Trevor was asleep.

Heather and I are ecstatic to finally stop giving Carmen her steroid and look forward to drug clearing her system.  Actually......we do not have to administer any drugs to Carmen until she receives her antibiotics on Friday.

Carmen's friend Neva came over for a play date today.   It was Carmen's first timing playing with her friend since all of this began.   Today was a good day.


Team White


At least I have my pink hat

I love me some ice cream

Carmen's B.F.F. Neva

Rollin with my new Pink iPad.  Thank you Auntie Victoria. 

Always have time to shop for dolls

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  1. Completely and utterly gut wrenching what you are all going through...especially Carmen. She has many people pulling for her recovery. Prayers and love to your entire family!!

    Sean Mele