Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last Day staying in Waikiki!

It's 11:00pm and Carmen has been falling asleep at 6:00pm lately then waking for second dinner between 11:00 and midnight.  I will quickly post some photos of the day then get some sleep before first breakfast at 4:00am!

Carmen had lots of fun decorating her body with her cat stickers!

Carmen is telling me that she is eating her biscuit with her pinkie up just like "Fancy Nancy!"
  (I did not teach her about the pinkie thing!)

Our T.L.P.

The Pink Palace

Best daddy ever!

Carmen had a really good day, she walked more than I have seen her in 4 weeks which for her was about 5 minutes total but I am so thrilled to see her getting back on her feet.  She wanted to push some of her favorite toys in her buggy down the hallway and then she said, "I really need to sit down!"  We won't have the buggy in our house so I am hoping she will feel good enough to make her way around.  She complains her back and legs hurt when she walks.

We found a place called the teddy bear museum on Kalakaua Ave today and had a great time looking at hundreds of stuffed teddy bears!  The museum talks about why teddy bears exist and shows kids scenes in history portrayed by teddy bears dressed in the historical character.  Funny!

Carmen has her Tuesday appointment at the PAU clinic tomorrow and we are really hoping her counts will be good so we can go home for a while!

Team White

Here is one more of little Carmen

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  1. Get some sleep you silly kids. Oh Carmen, you are just so adorable I could eat you up! I hope that we can have a tea party together when I come over to visit you in Kauai, and cook something in your hot pink kitchen. Have a very good day today, and here's hoping you get to Kauai and HOME! Love you so much, auntie Deb