Our Sweet Angel

Our Sweet Angel

Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28

Carmen had a good night, a bit uncomfortable with the PICC line in her arm.  She had over 101 fever which the nurse and I controlled with Tylonal.  I am the oral meds dispenser right now.

She woke up smiling and meowing which was Awesome!!!  She ate a bit of an apple, hard boiled egg and now cheerios.  She didn't like the hospital apple...the food is abysmal....need to get some on the outside. 

Great news today!!!  Her infection in her blood is 99% gone!!!  Hopefully she can get up, walking and go to the playroom soon.  We need to get her bathed and into her clothes today.  Got a bag of toys/supplies from Chris Spencer who came over last night from Kauai.  Chris and his father did a blessing on Carmen's body....it was wonderful.

Chemotherapy treatment will begin Tuesday morning. 

I began reading "Childhood Leukemia" by Nancy Keene - a must read for all of us involved.  Please get it if you can.

Chris started this blog last night so we can keep a journal on everything happening to Carmen.

I will add more when I get my computer next week.

Finally....I wanted to thank everyone for your support and offers of help.   We will need it all....we just do not know quit yet what we need. 

Much love,



  1. Thanks so much for doing this blog as we all wish we were by your side during this time (we're there, just not physically) and are so thankful to know how Carmen is doing. Love, light and positive mojo coming your way to your sweet, strong and determined girl! xoxo Jenny

  2. Im so glad I found this on facebook, thank you for updating us! I have been thinking of Carmen and you all often. So happy to see her up and about today. We love you guys and are holding her in our prayers. Curren says hello and wants to visit Carmen I had to explain that you guys weren't on the island. Take care, Bridget and Ohana